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Prima DT Application

This year along with probably hundreds of others I applied for the Prima DT, and like many others was unsuccessful.  This was my application.

First an OTP – a set of fairy drawers from Kaiser.  My idea for this was the story of  Sleeping Beauty, remember she lived in a castle surrounded by overgrown vines and flowers waiting for her Prince Charming to come along and waken her.  So this was my inspiration – I covered it with Prima paper, inked along the edges and punched out strips of paper to create the turrets with their ‘shingled roof’, Prima vines and flowers for my overgrown garden, and every castle has ornate gates so I cut the felt gates in half and created the hinges from some Dusty Attic scrolls, and there you have it!  Im pretty proud of it.

and some close ups

Then I submitted a card made with the left over scraps

And a layout which you have seen before but one that I loved which I thought was one of my best, that incorporated one of their new ranges and stamping with paint using Donna Downey stamps


So, maybe next year another go, in the meantime there are lots of BAP sketches to do!

I recognised most of the names that were lucky to be part of this great team, but nice to see one of our own treasures get through again – WTG Trina!!!



Prima Tote Bag

Ive had my tote bag for quite sometime now, well 10 months lol!  I was a bit chicken to start it, because I did’nt want to stuff it up.  I had’nt used canvas before but I loved the bag – one of those I must have it purchases that you have no idea what to do with when you get it!

Louise Williams came down from Auckland and taught a class out at Scrappin Patch using the canvas Birdhouse and after that I had all these ideas and it was no longer the scary thing I thought it was.

I stamped around the edge using paint and Prima’s script clear stamp and then sprayed glimmer mist around the edge.  The quote is a Donna Downey iron on transfer – these are sooooo cool!  Then I just played with some adhesive felt and some Prima flowers and bling.  Im really impressed with it even if I do say so myself lol!


Cards, cards and more cards!

I usually get asked at work to make cards for anyone having a wedding, leaving or bereavement.  Lately that has meant lots of work, with two weddings five people in total moving.  And then theres the cards I got volunteered to make for members of our Marching team – thanks for that Tracey!

I bet you’re now wondering why they are leaving.  Well, in all bar one of the cases the culprit is the earthquake, so four out of the five are leaving Christchurch for places that don’t shake, rattle and roll.  Afterall, theres only so much some people can take!

So heres Tracey’s wedding card, photoframe and horseshoe, all themed around her colour scheme.  The card is made using Bazzil Wedding Satin which is why it looks so shiny and difficult to photograph!

Now a couple of leaving cards, for Peti, Sarah and Shelley.  I made for Shelley a layout of her wedding and put it in a 12×12 frame I found at The Warehouse, this was just from me and just cos Im going to miss her around the ward and those gorgeous cupcakes she makes!

Then there were a few birthdays for friends, and mothers day too.

Thanks for looking!

Earthquakes, Scotties Crafts and Scrappin Patch.

Its been awhile.  Yes I realise I am stating the obvious lol! – when I actually went back to see just how long it had been since I blogged I was shocked to see it had been two months!  to be honest I find it a bit of a chore, its not something I particularly enjoy, blathering on about the probably mundane things going on in my wee life, but I do like to share what I ve been busy trying to create.  Maybe I should try to emulate Trace and blog on a certain day of the week.

So, theres been quite a bit going on in our wee corner of the universe.  Theres been one humdinger of an earthquake, quite old news by now I know, but still it goes on.  I drove down Montreal Street the other day, the first time I had been down through the small part of the CBD that is now opened. I got quite a shock.  Its one thing seeing it on the television, but its a whole nother ball game in real life.  History is one of my favourite things, and seeing some of our heritage buildings hanging on by a thread and others already bulldozed including some of my favourites, is so sad.  Our city is going to be forever changed, and thats sad but I think in some respects its also a good thing.  The CBD had lost a lot of foot traffic to the malls, so maybe with the rebuilding people will return – I can’t imagine there would be many high rise buildings though!

We were quite lucky.  We had very little damage, and because we live just out of Christchurch, we had power, water and sewage back on very quickly and being on a different supply, theres been no issues with any of it.  I feel incredibly lucky.

Out of all the photos that are out there, there is one that really grabbed my attention, and its this one, taken at the time of the quake from the top of the Port Hills.

Scotties Crafts

Just after the quake, I received an email from Bev at Scotties Crafts letting me know I was the guest designer for them for the months of Feb/March.  At the time I was not feeling in the least bit creative, but as it turned out, it was a great way to think about something else instead of earthquakes.  The kit I was sent was a collection of Prima’s new release, Sparkling Spring, with a few other pieces.  I created five layouts for them and Im pretty stoked with how they turned out.  Its a wonderful online and  physical shop in Auckland, with all your favourite brands, so go check it out!

Charlotte’s birthday

My friend Andrea’s wee girl has just had her third birthday.  Each year she gets to wear the cutest little outfit, and this year it was Tinkerbell.  Lucky for me I just happened to have a piece of paper with tinkerbell on it, so I used it make her birthday card.  Charlottes also just started ballet, so I bought her a new pink tutu and popped it inside a handbag I decorated for her.  Pink of course! 

Scrappin Patch

Ive been designing a few things for the lovely Adrienne at Scrappin Patch.  Heres a few of them, the first are using Websters Pages, Sweet Season and a range from a company I had’nt seen before called Paper Loft.  The last two are made using Saviour from Little Yellow Bicycle.

Time I got some other things done before I go to work today – I promise I won’t be so long between posts this time!

A bit of Creativity

My creative bursts lately seem to be just that, bursts of creativity, then nothing for a while – that has been from days to weeks!  but I have done a few things.

Mums Birthday Present

and a close up

A layout for Artistic Document for Januarys Cybercrop School Days. Im the little thing on the far right – always sitting on end of the seat, never standing which is what I always wanted lol!

A witches hat I forgot to share with you from Halloween.

The very cute Charlotte, posing in the gardens at Hagley Park, for the BAP sketch challenge at Prima.

And finally Prima’s colour challenge for January, which I decided to do OTP.

and some closeups

Thanks for looking!!

Townswomens Guild

A while ago I was asked if I would design some OTP items for Scrappin Patch, which being the lovely local store it is I said yes to.  The first little package Adrienne sent me was Delish Designs paper pack and rubons.  Since I don’t really have a stash of girly photos to go with it, I decided to create a mini album about my Nana when she was in the Townswomens Guild.  We have so many photos of her time with the organisation that she just loved, that it seemed the perfect tribute.  I also decided to incorporate it into my challenge over at Artistic Document.  Reason being that we all do layouts, but not all of them have journalling with them to tell the story, and that has never more hit home than when I made this album – there were so many questions and stories that I did’nt know and now will never know.  So that was my challenge, to do a layout that must include the story behind the photo.  The book is in the shop if you want to see it in the flesh so to speak.

Night shifts and Italian boys……………..

Ive just finished some night shifts – worst shift ever invented.  It seems to bring out the zombified, short tempered wife in me.  I never sleep well, always wake up by lunch time unable to go back to sleep so by the end of three night shifts you guessed it Im completely and utterly spent.  Not a creative bone in my body, not one ounce of energy.  I work with people who can sleep through anything, anytime anywhere and it does’nt stuff up their body clocks.  I wonder if they know how lucky they are and how envious I am!!!

 NIght shift aside there was was something nice and warm and fuzzy that came out of last week though.  I received an email asking if I would be interested in joining the DT at Scotties Crafts in Auckland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wow!  I was gobsmacked and chuffed, smiling all day just because someone thought I was good enough to be on their DT.  Totally hyped.  But here comes the clanger.  I said no?!  Don’t get me wrong I would love to be on the team but I have no idea how I’d fit the time in to create.  I read the blogs of ladies who are on numerous DT’s and wonder where on earth they get the time to do them all.  I don’t have children like many of you do which is a job on top of employment, so I only work full time, saying that I do have a husband who is a bit of an Italian boy who Im trying to train – but thats a whole nuther story! – Im already on one DT forum, Ive started marching again – yes another story which I’ll get to be patient! – and this year I want to do some uni papers.  My mind was boggling on where I would fit it in.  So I declined but did agree to being a guest designer.

So Italian boys?!  MY DH, love him to bits, but as the only boy and the first born he can do no wrong and mummy has run after him for years, and then I came along and ruined her plans – buggar.  Before training started he would never put dishes in the dishwasher and I was getting sick and tired of cleaning up after him when I came home from afternoon shifts.  Usually the way to a mans  heart was through his stomach.  Mines the same, but theres something else.  Cars.  And he had a brand new one, his pride and joy at the time.  I got home from work one night and found them all sitting on bench.  I picked them all up and put them in the back seat of his new car.  And went to bed.  I had forwarned him, but he obviously did’nt think I’d do it.  Silly boy!  I heard the car back down the drive the next morning.  Then I heard it come back.  Never happened again though!

Ive been creating, and finished some UFO’s – kits from crops that I had’nt done.  Someone once told me if you don’t do it at the crop you’ll never do it.  Well I had to prove that wrong!  So they’re done.

Two friends had birthdays this month.  These were their gifts.  A wooden book and a 7Gypsies handbag.

Sorry its a bit of a crappy photo, the papers are Basic Grey Capella.  Inside I bought from Scrappin Patch, a Tim Holtz hanging sign die.

One of the December challenges over at Artistic Document was a picture for inspiration, that involved peacock feathers, aqua and bling.  So I altered this mannequin.

And then of course theres the Prima challenge for the month.  They do a colour challenge as well now, so I had a go at that too.

And some close ups………………………………………………………………………………..

I know, Still have’nt mentioned Marching have I?!  Well you’ll have to wait haha!  Have a great day!

Friends, Gifts and Christmas

Its been awhile since I was here.  Thanks in no shape or form to my computer having a hissy fit just before Christmas, and with everything closing down we did’nt get it back until the week after everything opened up again – 3 very long weeks!, and 250 emails later to catch up with!  Thankfully its up and running again and with more RAM so its even faster.

Our ward closed down over Christmas and moved to another which actually proved quite fun and I learnt lots about another speciality, but not enough that Im wanting to trade in!  We’re open again and now and things are now back to normal.

A few things happened before Christmas.  Nice things. 

Have you ever had or have now one of those friends thats is always there for you? that you can talk to for hours and hours? that you just love to bits?  Well Ive got a couple of those and one of them turned 40 in November.  One of here sisters was organising a quilt for her and wanted  her friends and family to make a square each.  Everyone got sent one piece of fabric (all the same), that you had to include in your square.  Well if you know me you know I can’t sew for love nor money so it sent me into a bit of a spin, what on earth was I going to do?  In the end I dragged out my sisters sewing machine and managed a not too bad attempt and then did some stamping with some Donna Downey foam stamps I picked up at Autumn Escape last year in Taupo.

I also wanted to make something for her that symbolised our friendship and just what it means to me – its been twenty years now since we met while doing our nursing training.  I had some Teresa Collins Friendship papers as part of my DT kit from Artistic Document and a photo tray from Kaiser that I got from a great little online shop called Scrap it Simple.  So this was us over the last twenty years, check out those glasses!!!

And the birthday card

And for Christmas I was still feeling a bit mushy so I made this for her.

Another of those nice things was the Earthquake Charity Crop run by Scrappin Patch.  Andrea and I went along to play for the day and had a great day with loads of raffles, and prizes and we raised $900!  I decided to try the Prima Sketch competition for the first time ever, just never seem to have enough time to get it done!, and won the page of the day wit an amazing prize from Kays Company and Inkspiration from Invercargill – now thats an awesome wee shop!  But thats a whole nother story!  This was my layout which got posted on their site as one of their favourites – you have no idea how excited I was!!!!!

That would be me in the middle of my sister and brother.  So I decided to give the November sketch ago and that got listed as one of their favorites too!  December was a no go since I had no computer to upload on, but

it did give me time to work on this.

and this

and this

and two of these as gifts, one for my sister whose tree is always white and silver, and the other to go overseas.

Then there were things going on at work.   One of my friends left to work in Canada so I made a card that was like a mini album with blank pages in for everyone to write in.

One of our registrars had a baby boy,

and our other Registrar’s mother passed away.  He had left her funeral programme on our ward so I made this with it for him, and went up to his office and left it sitting on his desk, with no note, just a surprise, he was quite chuffed but he eventually found out where it came from.

The last thing I have to share is some t-shirts I made for some little girls I know in England.  Those foam stamps inspired me to more with them and the fabric words are from Prima and no I did’nt sew them on but found an abolute gem of a creation thats a bit like double sided tape but for fabric – absolute heaven!

Well I think that brings you uptodate for the minute anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy your week!

A Long Overdue Catchup!

Ive been getting a bit of stick about not blogging lately, and I keep thinking yip must do it, but time seems to get away from me!  So this is going to be a long post, grab a cuppa, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride!

I turned 40!!

Yip you heard right I turned 40 on August 21st.  DH informed me early on in the piece I could’nt have my birthday bash the weekend of my birthday because we were going to Oamaru.  Say what?!  Oamaru?!  I should’ve known…………………………its all about cars, mustangs to be exact, and the Southern club was catching up with the Canterbury club for a weekend of frivolity and challenges, which Im proud to say Canterbury won by the way!    Anways we delayed it til the following weekend.  The theme was to wear a mask, any mask, you just had to turn up with it on, and one such person decided to push the boundaries.  I’ll leave him nameless (it would be a bloke would’nt it!), but who would’ve thought of this one.

A few of the more experienced mask wearers!

Some of you might guess who this gorgeous pair are.

There was another theme going on as well.  I loved Pink Paislee’s 365 degrees paper, particularly Think Big, so all the invitations were made using it, as well as a party hat, cupcake holder and banner!

Those gorgeous, melt in your mouth, most delicious cupcakes you’ve ever sampled were made by the lovely Rochelle – she should be in business – absolutely yummo!  I asked if she could make one more cupcake but with an American theme.    The other cupcake holder was for a friend of ours who’s birthday it actually was that day and she had just bought herself a Harley Davidson, hence the red white and blue theme.

Then the earthquake hit.

The most bizarre/scary experience Ive had to date.  Thankfully we had no structural damage, just ornamental stuff.  I went to straight to the dogs, and get them up, they were ok, not freaked at all.  DH went straight out to check the cars lol!  Nothing damaged their either.  So we did ok.  Unlike some people.  I went to work as usual that day, that was freaky, my part of the hospital is the newest and is built on rollers so it sways with every aftershock, its not a nice feeling.  The patients were quite calm and settled – Im not sure if they really felt like that or if they were taking their cue from us.  For me it was business as usual, and I was’nt terribly bothered by the aftershocks, but a few people I know were.  Lets just say Im not sure how I’d be if my house had disintegrated around me!  Its sad seeing all our heritage buildings in such a state of ruin, hopefully some can be salvaged.  It was a learning experience too, I had’nt finished our survival kit, had no idea where the flashlights were, so thats the first thing I sorted out.  Some people are still not back to normal, and probably won’t have sewage for some time, or have lost their homes/businesses, and its those people you really have to feel for – you have no idea what its like, until you experience it yourself.

Must be time to show the scrapping Ive been up to!

My DT kit turned up from Artistic Document and in it were some Collections Spools.  Oh I loved these, easy to make and they look so cool!  So I used them for my challenge last month, to create a heritage item, any item, just make it have a heritage feel to it.

Cybercrop last month was all about all things spring and nature.  I went OTP again and transformed a Kaiser clock, using My Minds Eye Meadowlark paper.

Theres been a few things going on at work too.  Meredith left for sunny Nelson, so I made her a card and covered a wooden book to put her extra photos in – shes getting married shortly.  Her theme is the 1950’s with a cream dress.

Then my wonderful friend Leigh left for Canada, so I made her a gift (the ward gave her a koru and a silver fern on a chain) a 7Gypsies portfolio covered with flocked paper and some Teresa Collins papers.

Holly is getting married next weekend, so I volunteered again and made a wooden handbag to put her memorabilia in.  Her theme is black and white.

And every month at The Stamping Ground I teach the Basic Grey class kit.  With the Green at Heart scraps I made this layout of photos from last spring.

And with that I think that brings you up to date!

Saturday Im going to the Charity Earthquake crop – you never know I might see you there!